The Nobles County Historical Society maintains a “Pioneer Village” on two and one-half acres site with forty-nine buildings on the grounds, of which thirty-six are available for viewing. Pioneer Village showcases our rural heritage, provide educational programs to schools and to the public, holds heritage events such as the Old Fashion 4th of July and Christmas Programs.

The Nobles County Historical Society is seeking volunteers to help at their Pioneer Village this summer. One of the main responsibilities we are asking for help to accomplish is the weekend end duty of opening and closing all the buildings at the Village site. The volunteer would walk around to each building and unlock the padlock, do a quick walk through the building looking for issues that would need addressed by staff and latch the door open. Another volunteer would come back in the evening and do the walk through and lock the door for the night. We need to have the buildings unlocked Saturday at 10 am. and Sunday at 1 pm. We close on Saturday and Sunday at 5 pm. If you are willing to give us a much needed hand please drop us an email: or call us at: 376-4431. Even if you can only help one or two times this summer we encourage you to contact us. We will provide training and help you the first few times. We would be happy to email/text or call with reminders the day before your turn to open/close. This calendar is to see what days we still need covered.

Pioneer Village

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Membership is one way that you can help support the Nobles County Historical Society. Your membership dues helps us to collect, preserve, and disseminate the history of Nobles County for county residents and visitors in the belief that a historical perspective enhances our understanding of community and sense of place. Your membership also helps us operate the Archives located in the lower level of the Nobles County Library as well as operate and maintain Pioneer Village.

The Nobles County Historical Society has depended on membership ever since it was formed in 1933. Please show your support for the organization and our mission by becoming a member today.

Membership is tax deductible to the extent that contributions to 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations are allowed.

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At the Archives we assist researchers in document their family history and at various times host special programs pertaining to Nobles County History.

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Dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Nobles County Minnesota.

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"Dedicated to collecting, preserving and interpreting the history of Nobles County Minnesota."